Xtreme Gardening Kryptomite RTU

Xtreme Gardening Kryptomite RTU

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Kyptomite super wash for mites and mildew. Washing your plants with Kryptomite is fast and easy. Its ready-to-use proprietary formula is food grade, non-toxic, and acceptable for use in organic crop production. Wash off those pesky critters and crawlers and let powdery mildew become a thing of the past. Natural and safe for use during all stages of a plant's life cycle, as well as during and after harvest. With Kryptomite, plant ailments and diseases may be prevented by practicing regular cleanings and timely attention to problems. Kryptomite wash is the ultimate solution for natural gardening maintenance.

• Super wash for mites & mildew!
• RTU ready-to-use

Application Rate: Kryptomite is ready-to-use, no diluting necessary. Spray entirety of foliage, until run off occurs. Repeat every 5-7 days for preventative use. Every 3 days for treatment.