CenturionPro Original Leaf Trimmer Machine

CenturionPro Original Leaf Trimmer Machine

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Price: $8,112.88
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The CenturionPro Original represents the finest in elite trimming technology. The 2012 Stash Award Winner is the best bud trimmer on the market, capable of both wet bud trimming and dry bud trimming. This superior commercial bud trimmer does the work of 15 to 20 people, making it an incredibly productive marijuana trimmer. If you’re looking for an innovative hydroponics trimming machine that maximizes your productivity, look no further than this professional trimmer. High Times calls it “the leader in the next generation of automated trimmers.” Take advantage of this machine’s tight trim and elegant engineering. It requires minimal maintenance and cleaning times, always delivering excellent results.

CenturionPro® Solutions offers a 3 year warranty on all parts that are defective. This warranty does not cover operator error or abuse. The motor carries a 3 year warranty