The Buyer’s Guide to a Trimming Tray Setup


Harvest More
Trim Bin Complete
  • RESULTS – very high
  • QUALITY – high
  • EASE OF USE – high


Our Choice

Bottom Line

The Harvest More Trim Bin Complete is an ergonomic trim system that comes with an integrated pollen separator. Many optional accessories are also available.


DL Wholesale Trim Tray
Complete Kit
  • RESULTS – high
  • QUALITY – high
  • EASE OF USE – high


Bottom Line

The Trim Tray Complete Kit is a great choice if you are looking for a low profile, high feature trimming station.


Trim Station
Lemon Lime
  • RESULTS – moderate
  • QUALITY – moderate
  • EASE OF USE – very high


Bottom Line

The Trim Station
is super ergonomic and has a built-in phone holder, cup holder, scissor holder and trim catch.

What to Look For In a Trimming Station

When you’re purchasing a trimming station, your number one concern should be comfort. Does trimming for eight hours a day while hovering over a bucket sound like fun? We don’t think so either. With trimming stations, they can be placed on either a table or your lap and your product is held right in front of you. Comfort achieved!

Tell your trimming party to get comfortable as trimming will take a while! Outfit your members with these stations, provide favorite drinks and maybe some music, and they’ll trim for you for years to come.

Why Do I Even Need a Trimming Station?

Using a trimming station provides many benefits that you may not even realize. Aside from the obvious comfort gain, for the units that have a pollen separator you will get a high quality pollen that can be used in many other ways. While there are units that are more straightforward and get the job done, some have storage for your scissors, cell phone and even a cup holder.


Q: Do I have to use a pollen screen?

A: A pollen screen is not strictly required, but depending on the volume you are trimming it is a great benefit to catch all that pollen for later use.

Q: Can I trim without a trimming station?

A: Sure, but do you want to lose money when you throw all of that pollen away?

Q: What are trimming stations made from?

A: All quality stations are made from a high density food grade plastic.

Trimming Station Best Practices

Before you start trimming make sure you have your team ready by getting your plants into manageable sizes. You want to keep these pieces smaller than your trimming stations so they’re easily workable. Make sure your team has a place to put their untrimmed product, trimmed product and all their trim. The trim can be very valuable for anyone that is extracting – so make sure you save that material!