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The Only Online Indoor Gardening Store You Need

If you have a bit of a green thumb but live in a place with a limited growing season, then it’s time to visit an indoor gardening store. With the right hydroponic lights and gardening equipment, anyone can tend their plants all year long. And at Hydro Empire, we have all the indoor gardening hydroponics that you’ll need to start a wonderful garden from the comfort of your own home.

Whether You're a Novice or Expert,
We Can Provide All of the Essentials

What exactly does our indoor gardening store have
to offer growers like yourself?


Hydroponic Lighting

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If you're gardening indoors, obviously you won't be able to rely on sunlight. But simply purchasing a few lights isn't enough either. Our staff can help you select the right lighting systems at a low cost.

Nutrients and Plant Health

Nutrients & Plant Health

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Even if you've spent decades studying horticulture, knowing and understanding plant nutrients and supplements is extremely difficult. We have a wide variety of plant supplements and nutrients to make sure your plants thrive.

Environmental Control

Environmental Control

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Control temperature, humidity, CO2, and lighting to ensure the perfect environment at all times.

Water and Aeration

Water & Aeration

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From your first indoor project to professional operations, we have air pumps, water pumps, and more.



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Our online gardening store carries 3M, Advanced Nutrients, American Hydroponics, Canna, GroTek, FloraFlex garden tools, SolisTek Matrix, Vaportek, and more. Check out all the brands we carry here

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Why Hydro Empire?

We’ve been serving roughly 21,000 customers for over 15 years and have assisted these horticulture enthusiasts with all their indoor gardening hydroponics needs. Our knowledgeable and professional staff are here to help you with any gardening challenges that you may face, and our online gardening store really does have everything you need to start growing. From beginning to end, seed to harvest, and all the processes in-between, we will help you find the perfect gardening solution.

Rather than trying to solve every hydroponic problem that comes your way alone, which can be incredibly frustrating if you have little experience, talk to Hydro Empire’s knowledgeable staff and get the professional help you need.

In addition to getting quality advice, assistance, and solutions, when you check out our indoor gardening store online, you'll be able to purchase high quality indoor gardening hydroponics at a very reasonable price.