SolisTek 50' Tinned Lamp Extension

SolisTek 50' Tinned Lamp Extension

Price: $84.85

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SolisTek Digital Lamp Extensions Features:

- High Quality Upgraded Tinned wiring
- 14 AWG wiring
- High quality connectors
- Rated for 600V

SolisTek offers a full line of high quality lamp extensions. SolisTek lamp extensions are not created equally. We use completely upgraded 14 AWG Tinned wiring for the least amount of resistance possible from the ballast to lamp. Using SolisTek digital lamp extensions prevents frequency output shifts to the lamp.

Using higher quality lamp extensions with ultra high conductivity you can expect:
- The ability to ignite lamps from further distances (up to 90ft @ 1000w, or up to 75ft @ 600w)
- No resistance between ballast and lamp resulting with proper spectrum