SolisTek 315W Ceramic Metal Halide 3200K Lamp (Enhanced UV)

SolisTek 315W Ceramic Metal Halide 3200K Lamp (Enhanced UV)
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The 3200K (33,000 initial lumen) CMH is optimal for all stages of growth from start to finish


- Superior Photochemical Reactions 
- Enhanced UV (Highest UV output CMH lamp)
- Advanced Lamp Design 
- Lamps made by Life Scientists for plants
- Best Sunlight Replication 
- Designed for Commercial Applications 
- Made for Quality, Consistency & Yield

The SolisTek 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) low heat, high energy lamp with enhnaced UV spectra

Open Rated Lamp construction reduces radiant heat from the arc tube and is suitable for open fixture use.