SolisTek 1000W Metal Halide Double Ended 10K Finisher Lamp

SolisTek 1000W Metal Halide Double Ended 10K Finisher Lamp
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The 10K Metal Halide is used for the last 7 - 14 days of bloom to allow better ripening and finishing.

Available in 1000W & 600W 

SolisTek double ended lamps feature premium quartz glass for enhanced spectrum and penetration to your plants which results with higher quality and yield.

SolisTek High Frequency MH offers:

-Color Enhanced Full Balanced Spectrum
-Less depreciation of PAR and lumen output over time.
-Precise Gas Combination for Increased Blues, Reds & UV
-True High Frequency Technology & Proper UV Balance 
-Advanced HID Lamp Design for Prolonged Lamp Life
-Designed for Commercial Applications 
-Made for Quality, Consistency & Yield

SolisTek lamps contain enhanced UV Spectra. Exercise caution when working around any HID lamp that contains UV, always wear protective lenses.