ShuBee Bright Green Waterproof Shoe Cover

ShuBee Bright Green Waterproof Shoe Cover

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Features & Benefits: • Bigger and Better Design Made Specifically for Service Industry Professionals • Prevents Tracking Dirt and Mud in Client's Homes • Stronger Other Shoe Covers on the Market • Fits Up to a Size 18 Work Boot • Waterproof, Plastic material

Detailed Description:

It can be a wet, cruel world out there. You're just trying to do your job. You just want to make it through one day without ending up a complete mess. That's where we come in.
ShuBee® has you covered, literally, with ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers. Slide these bad boys over your boots, and keep that muddy, wet mess between your boots and ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers. ShuBee® Waterproof Shoe Covers are made out of a plastic material that's perfect for holding back the flood that wants to ruin your clients imported hard wood floors. But you're not going to let that happen are you? I didn't think so.