Sentinel GPS AFC-1a Advanced Fan Controller (Wall Mount)

Sentinel GPS AFC-1a Advanced Fan Controller (Wall Mount)

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The AFC-1a Advanced Fan Controller is designed to control ventilation fans in gardens, greenhouses, grow rooms and other environments. By automatically increasing or decreasing the rotational velocity of fans depending upon temperature variations, more precise environmental control can be maintained than is possible with simpler thermostats. The AFC-1a comes equipped with a high quality remote temperature sensor for more accurate readings and features a readily visible switch to alternate between three different ranges of temperature control, making it easy for the user to differentiate which mode it is operating in. A built in photocell and separate controls allow for different day and night temperature settings.

  • Input Power: 120V / 60hz .1A
  • Output Power: 120V / 60Hz 15A 1/3 HP
  • Power Inlet: 6.5' (2m) 14 gauge cable
  • Temperature Storage Range: 15°F(-10°C) to 140°F(60°C)
  • Temperature Control Range: 55°F(13°C) to 95°F(35°C)
  • Unit Function: Cooling / Exhaust
  • Sensor Cable Length: 6.5' (2m)
  • Lag Modes: 3°F (2°C) / 6°F (3.5°C) / 9°F (5°C)
  • Dimensions: 4.8" (122mm) H x 2.75" (70mm) W x 4.1" (103.5mm) D
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs (0.7kg)
3-year limited manufacturer's warranty, must contact manufacturer for service.