BASF Prescription Treatment Pylon TR Micro Total Release Insecticide 2 Oz


Pylon TR total release insecticide provides control of mites, thrips and adult fungus gnats. It is a miticide/insecticide that offers quick and easy application, thorough coverage, excellent plant safety and flexible re-entry times.

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Pylon TR total release insecticide is labeled for use on ornamental crops and fruiting vegetables grown in commercial greenhouses. It also may be used on bedding plants, cut flowers, flowering hanging baskets, foliage, fruiting vegetables, potted flowering plants and ornamentals.

This unique total release formulation is also a great space mix partner with Attain® TR Micro Total Release Insecticide or Pyrethrum® TR Micro Total Release Insecticide for great knock-down and control. Also, space mixing with other BASF total release insecticides and fungicides, including Beethoven® TR Miticide/Insecticide or Tame®/Orthene TR Total Release Insecticide, gives growers another easy-to-use rotation option for even greater control of greenhouse pests.

Pylon TR – Safety Data Sheet (SDS) (PDF)

Pylon TR – Data Sheet


ARNY:We’re back with another John in 60 Seconds where John has 60 seconds to answer a few of our questions. Today’s topic is Pylon. You ready John?


JOHN:Always ready.


ARNY:What is Pylon?


JOHN:Pylon is a total release fogger insecticide. It’s made for thrips, mites, and adult fungus gnats.


ARNY:When would I use Pylon?


JOHN:Just like any other insecticide, you want to use it as soon as you see signs of a pest or bug. For spider mites you’ll see webbing and for fungus nets you’ll see them flying around, but you just want to use them as soon as you see it so you can nip them in the bug and get them out as soon as you can.


ARNY:I’ve identified that I have a pest problem and Pylon’s my choice to eradicate these guys. How do I go about preparing for this and actually using it?


JOHN:The first thing you want to do when using one of these total release foggers is to make sure all your fans, you A/C is off, you want to make sure anything with a pilot light such as a CO2 burner or a water heater is off, make sure all your smoke detectors are off in the room. What you’re going to do is set your fogger at about plant canopy height, make sure it’s not surrounded by anything, give it a 2 foot clearance around it, all sides, and set it off and make sure you leave the room as soon as possible.


ARNY:Got you. So I leave the leave the room as soon as possible. When’s it safe to come back?


JOHN:You can go back into the room about 3 to 4 hours later just to turn on your fans and whatnot, but if you’re going to spend any time in the room I’d suggest waiting 12 to 24 hours.


ARNY:Could you share a pro tip with us?


JOHN:Whenever you’re using one of these total release foggers or any kind of pesticide in general, what you want to do is rotate them out. I would always recommend using something like Pyrethrum 3 days later and then Beethoven or Attain 3 days later. You do this so your bugs or pests don’t build a tolerance up to the pesticide that you’re using.


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    by Daniel F.

    Followed the instructions and it worked excellent.. I would buy it again

Pylon TR Micro Total Release Insecticide 2 Oz

BASF Prescription Treatment Pylon TR Micro Total Release Insecticide 2 Oz


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