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Gavita Pro Classic 1000 DE Complete Fixture 240 Volt

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This is the original Gavita fixture making double ended lamp technology popular. This is a must have for the advanced and commercial growers for its unique design which is comprised of a ballast built in reflector and de lamp. This system was built for the Hydroponic and greenhouse industry due to its strict standards, the housing of the ballast is sealed, ventilates as well as keeping dust and humidity out of the system.

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Professional 1000 watt high frequency electronic ballast. Including high efficiency Miro aluminum horticultural HortiStar HR96 reflector (95% efficiency). Includes 1000 watt double ended EL lamp. Microprocessor controlled with electronic safety circuit. Very low heat dissipation and very low weight. Only suitable for use with 1000 watt double ended EL lamps: No acoustic resonance, more than 10% grow light compared to traditional lamps and light maintenance after 5000 hours >95%. Electronics by Gavita. Driver efficiency >95% and is adjustable to: 600/660/750/825/1150W. Sealed housing with Gore-Tex ventilation plug. Reflector is easily replaceable. Comes with 8 ft power cord. Operates at 240 volts. 1 year warranty on the lamp.

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