Hydro Empire Rewards

The Hydro Empire Rewards Program

Create an account and earn your first 200 Hydro Empire Dollars instantly!

Becoming a member of the Hydro Empire family is a very rewarding experience: you'll get 200 Hydro Empire Dollars when you create an account with us! Or if you already have an account, login now!

Launch the Rewards Program Here

What are my Hydro Empire Dollars worth?

250 Hydro Empire Dollars - $5 discount

500 Hydro Empire Dollars - $10 discount

1250 Hydro Empire Dollars - $25 discount

2500 Hydro Empire Dollars - $50 discount

5000 Hydro Empire Dollars - $100 discount

How do I Earn Hydro Empire Dollars?

Make an order

+ 1 Hydro Empire Dollar for every $1 spent

Refer a friend

+ 500 Hydro Empire Dollars

Create a store account

+ 200 Hydro Empire Dollars

Your Birthday

+ 250 Hydro Empire Dollars

Share our website on Facebook

+ 50 Hydro Empire Dollars

Share our website on Twitter

+ 50 Hydro Empire Dollars

Start earning now!

How do I Redeem my Hydro Empire Dollars?


Step 1: Log in to your account at HydroEmpire.com.


Step 2: Click this redemption link


Step 3: Once the rewards window pops up, you'll click the button that reads "Spend Your Hydro Empire Dollars".




Step 4: This will load the list of potential rewards available. If you have enough HE Dollars to redeem a reward, you'll see the options to redeem and confirm redemption on mouseover. If you do NOT have enough HE Dollars, you'll see the amount needed to redeem each listed reward on mouseover.




Step 5: Once redemption is confirmed, you will be provided with a code to use during checkout. Additionally, you'll receive an email for your record and reference to your remaining balance of HE Dollars.