Looking for Plant Supplements? Here Are 4 Benefits of Using Cal Mag Plus

Looking for Plant Supplements? Here Are 4 Benefits of Using Cal Mag Plus

22nd Sep 2016

cal mag plusOver the last few years more and more Americans have been getting into gardening. In 2014, roughly 35% of U.S. households -- 42 million homes -- were growing food either in a community garden or their own home garden, that's a 17% increase over the last five years.

Using the correct supplements for your garden is essential if you want to have a strong, healthy, and long-lasting garden.

Cal Mag Plus

Cal Mag Plus is a calcium, magnesium and iron plant supplement that was designed to improve a plant's nutrients in both commercial and hydroponic programs. One of the reasons this supplement is so popular is because it can be used with just about every other nutrient that you use. Here are some of the major benefits of using Cal Mag Plus for your garden:

Improves the Sturdiness of Plants
Wilted plants are flimsy and weak and aren't able to hold as much weight. Plants that use strong calcium and iron-based supplements can improve the sturdiness of their stems and stalks, and as a result can hold much more fruit weight. Supplementing a plant with this product will improve the root zone as well, by increasing the nutrient uptake.

Increase in Calcium
During the vegetative stage, it's essential for a plant to have enough calcium to ensure that it can properly grow and develop. The calcium works within the plant's cellular walls by strengthening the structure and prevents the plant from wilting.

Increase in Magnesium
In order to successfully use sunlight and hydroponic lights, and for a plant to reach photosynthesis, enough chlorophyll must be present within the plant. Magnesium acts as a building block for chlorophyll; without it the entire process will suffer.

Increase in Iron
The iron inside Cal Mag acts as a safety mechanism for plants, because iron in a plant has a tendency to fall off the chemical mixture. The iron, along with other amino acid and vitamins, within Cal Mag helps against various plant stressors as well.

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