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indoor gardening suppliesUsing the correct indoor gardening supplies is essential for high quality plant and crop production. Hydroponic garden equipment, for instance, can increase growth rate by up to 50% compared to soil-grown plants.

There are plenty of reasons to have a garden in your home, including the look, feel, and smell of having living plants in your home. Growing herbs or vegetables is a cost-efficient way to help make healthy meals. Another reason people decide to have indoor gardens is simply because they love gardening and can't bear to leave it outside when the weather becomes inhospitable.

For indoor hydroponic gardens, there are some  indoor gardening supplies that every home gardener will need.

Hydroponic Lighting Systems
Obviously, indoor gardens aren't going to get too much sunlight compared to their outdoor counterparts. Because of this, it's important to have plenty of high quality hydroponic lights set up indoors, to provide lighting and energy to your plants.

Water Tanks, Piping Systems, and Pumps
Fertilized water should be stored in tanks underneath the plants so it can be pumped through the adjoining pots, and eventually drain back down into the tank. It's recommended that the tank remains lightproof so algae and microorganisms grow inside the tank and both the filter and the pump should be cleaned on a consistent basis. Because these are hydroponic gardens, rather than soil-based ones, the pots should be filled up with rock wool, clay pebbles, or perlite, which is a soil replacement.

pH Testing Kit
You should regulalry check the pH levels within the water to avoid any issues. Having a high quality pH test kit can provide you with everything you need to do this. If the pH levels are too high, the fertilizer nutrients can be used to stabilize them. 

Home gardening is such a popular hobby nowadays, and it seems to grow in popularity every year. More and more people are fascinated with producing their own small-scale crops and tending to their own indoor gardens. To learn more about indoor gardening supplies, hydroponic lighting systems, cloning nutrients, supplements, and anything related to gardening, contact Hydro Empire today!

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