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Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice gardening! Growing plants indoors is an easy way to keep your plants thriving all year round, but in order to keep your healthy plants, well, healthy, there are a few things you need to do. To ensure adequate plant health during the cold season, use this beginner's guide on how to care for your indoor plants.

Know your plants

First and foremost, every gardener needs to know exactly what they are working with. Different plants require different base nutrients, water, and indoor garden lighting, so before the cold rolls in, make sure you are prepared to take care of the plants adequately.

Water, Water, Water

You will want to stay consistent with your watering as different periods of flooding and drought can be detrimental to the plant's root systems. Once you determine the correct watering routine for each plant via its care label, make sure to stay consistent. Keep in mind that your plant will need more water than usual especially if you have a heating system running, as it can dry your plants out in no time.

Keep the pests at bay

No one wants parasites infesting their plants. If you want to keep the bugs off your plants, invest in pest control. Some ways you can prevent bugs from entering your home in the first place include:

  1. Inspecting plants for infestation or disease before purchasing.

  2. Even if there are no visible signs of disease, isolate each plant for a few weeks before you place them with the others.

  3. Wash the leaves of each plant a couple times a year, as dust and grime can compromise the plant's ability to aspirate.

  4. No matter what you do, never use a feather duster to clean plants because they can easily transfer microscopic eggs or insects between plants.

Have proper stands

Healthy plants need to stay away from the ground as allergens gather on the floor. To prevent this, it is best to put your indoor plants in two to four tiered metal plant stands. Plus, doing so will allow you to incorporate more plants into a smaller area.

Follow these tips and you are sure to have  healthy plants this winter!

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