House & Garden Ph Osmosis/Stabilizer 1 Liter

House & Garden Ph Osmosis/Stabilizer 1 Liter

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RO filtered water tends to have unstable pH levels. most plants become stressed when fed with water that does not contain an optimal pH level.


House & Garden's PH Osmosis/Stabilizer neutralizes unstable pH levels that result from running water through a Reverse Osmosis filter. Contains the perfect balance of trace minerals that won’t interfere with the nutrients in your reservoir.

House & Garden:

  • Made in 7000L batches
  • Not an ag re-pack; formulated for our specific favorite flowering plants
  • Microbrew
  • No Dyes, PGRs, Heavy Metals; Vegan
  • Low ppm; microbe-based
  • Store between 44-86 degrees F; shelf life 3 years unopened, 1 year opened
  • Hybrid line – both organic and mineral based products to get flavor and potency along with solubility and efficiency