Heavy 16 Bud A

Heavy 16 Bud A

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When getting into the nuts and bolts of what makes Heavy 16 Bud A & B tick, think about where the Veg leaves off and where the Bud will begin. As the Veg does all that its description entails, the Bud will take all those same attributes of building larger, more integrated roots, foliage, and vascular systems, and add to this a heightened fruit set and quality. The chemistry of Heavy 16 Bud contains the most plant bio-available versions of Phosphorous and Potassium plus micronutrients to ensure superior quality and yields. Exotic trace elements, natural high-grade chelators, and our multiple forms of Calcium back up the traditional mineral nutrition with a synergism that is second to none. It is because of this perfection in chemistry that you are able to run our select enhancers or your special additive regiment to achieve the highest quality crops possible.

Core ingredients include:

  • Cascading delivery of both organic and mineral Calcium and micronutrients
  • Natural and superior chelation through our ultra-fine proprietary mix of organic acids
  • Exotic trace mineral suite allowing for superior oil content and flavonoid expression
  • High rates of Phosphorous and Potassium to ensure a significant, high quality harves