General Hydroponics MegaFarm

General Hydroponics MegaFarm

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The MegaFarm is the largest drip hydroponic module from General Hydroponics. The MegaFarm has a unique 20 gallon growing chamber which sits on top of a 20 gallon reservoir. A dual drip ring is utilized to allow for unlimited planting options. The MegaFarm will grow small, medium, large and extra large plants including many varieties of trees. With its large water capacity and low water requirements, the MegaFarm is simple and efficient. Clay pebbles included.

This complete system includes:

  • 20 gallon reservoir
  • 20 gallon growing chamber
  • Dual drip ring
  • Pumping columns
  • Dual outlet air pump
  • Air line
  • Clay pebbles
  • 3-part Flora Kit