Azamax OMRI Listed Botanical Insecticde solution

General Hydroponics AzaMax

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azamax-4oz-carousel-360-2.gifAzaMax by General Hydroponics is an OMRI-listed natural product with a broad spectrum of pest control applications from insecticide to miticide to nematicide. It contains Azadirachtin A & B as active ingredients and more than 100 limonoids. AzaMax does not use hard chemical solvents and fully uses food grade formulation ingredients so it's safe for the plant and it's safe to handle. It is an antifeedant and insect growth regulator which controls pests through starvation and growth disruption, so if a pest can't feed then it can't harm your plants.

AzaMax also works great when used alongside other insecticides as it weakens pests and makes them more susceptible to pesticides. Use AzaMax to effectively control spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids, whiteflies, leaf miners, worms, beetles, leafhoppers, scales, mealy bugs, nematodes and other soil borne pests. Mix a tablespoon of AzaMax per gallon of water.


AzaMax - Use Directions (PDF)

AzaMax - Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (PDF)


1-year limited manufacturer's warranty, must contact manufacturer for service.