The Buyer’s Guide to The Best Automatic Cloning Machines


TurboKlone Mothership
Cloning Machine
  • RESULTS – very high
  • QUALITY – high
  • EASE OF USE – moderate


Our Choice

Bottom Line

Turbo Klone is the most innovative cloning machine on the market today due to its cooling fan and optional dome accessory.


Low Pro System
  • RESULTS – high
  • QUALITY – high
  • EASE OF USE – moderate


Bottom Line

EZ-Clone is the industry leader in cloning machines. They are tried and true, creating clone machines for over 15 years.


Power Cloner
  • RESULTS – high
  • QUALITY – high
  • EASE OF USE – moderate


Bottom Line

The Botanicare Power Cloner is brought to you by one of the industry leaders, so you know there is a good name behind it. It’s also available with an optional dome for arid environments.

Not All Cloning Machines Are Created Equal

The difference between clone machines can seem small, but they can make a huge difference in the end. The Turbo Klone machines have a couple of extra features that some of the other machines don’t: a fan to keep your water and chamber cool, and an optional dome accessory to keep moisture in and around the clones. Botanicare also has an optional dome, but the EZ-Clone is stand alone. All of the machines use a manifold and sprayer configuration that mist your cuttings under the lid to promote the optimal environment for root formation.

When using a cloning machine use a rooting gel like Clonex, as opposed to a rooting powder, so it doesn’t easily get washed off.

Reduce Your Clone Rooting Time

When using a machine to clone to your plants, you can reduce the time for your cuttings to root by up to 80%…some plants will even show signs of roots within 3 days! A cloning machine creates the perfect environment for roots to form in its chamber, and once they root they will become ready for transplanting within a few days.


Q: How long does it take for clones to root?

A: It can be as fast as 3 days but generally within 10 days, depending on the genetics of your cutting.

Q: What nutrients should I put in the reservoir?

A: Just a mild nutrient solution like Clonex Clone Solution at a rate of 1-2 tsp per quart of water.

Q: My cuttings are taking a long time to root, what am I doing wrong?

A: Make sure your water temperature doesn’t exceed 72 degrees F or you will be prone to root rot. Try setting your pump to come on for 5 min and off for 30 min.

Automatic Cloning Machine Best Practices

Once you have the genetics of your choice, make sure you find a healthy plant in its vegetative state. When taking your cutting, make sure it’s a new growth and you cut it far enough below from the new growth that it will be sticking down at least an inch past the collar.

PRO TIP: take extra cuttings – don’t just take the cuttings you need for the machine.

Make sure your cuttings are at a 45 degree angle to increase surface area, and then dip them into your cloning gel immediately. This will ensure that your cuttings are protected from air and unwanted pathogenic elements. Trim any excess leaves since you only need the new growth tip in one leaf.

Once you have placed all your clones into the machine you are ready to go. Make sure your water temperature is between 65 degrees and 70 degrees F and your water level is right according to the manufacturer. Check the water level every couple of days and make sure your pump is coming on everyday. We recommend running your pump in cycles 5 minutes on and 30 minutes off.

When checking your water level you should also be checking the clones for roots, but remember that not all plants will root at the same time. Some may root a day or two in advance. When all your plants are rooted you want to pick the ones that are equal so your garden will be equal. If you take the cuttings that rooted first or cuttings that rooted last – you will have plants that are either too big or too small, and not all growing at the same rate as the rest of your garden.

Lastly, a good idea is to run an enzymatic cleaner such as Hygrozyme in your reservoir to keep your machine clean and your roots healthy.