Bloom Yellow Bottles Silica  53.2%

Bloom Yellow Bottles Silica 53.2%

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Promotes a healthy plant through potassium silicate

Highly concentrated potassium silicate 53.2% – the strongest available in the market worldwide

Potassium silicate is important for plant growth – creates thick cell walls giving the plant protection against insect and fungus attacks

Potassium silicate can not be translocated so continued application will give the best result

Foliar application can be applied to control fungus outbreaks Highly alkaline and has an important handling method to receive the best result

Application can be by setting the pH value to 7 in a vessel of water before adding to nutrient solution

If using ‘bloom SILICA’ for raising the pH of nutrient solution then only lower the pH to desired level to reach the target pH required

The bottle has ‘poison’ protruding from the bottle so no person will consume the product (as it is alkaline)

In the ‘bloom Advanced Floriculture’ system you do not need to reduce your fertilizer application to use this product

Can be used in any growing method, growing medium, indoors and outdoors – simply consult the relevant feed schedule for application rates to suit your system (or develop your own method)



Potassium silicate.



Recirculating 0.17mls per litre

Soil 0.17mls per litre

Run to waste 0.33mls per litre



Recirculating: 1L = 5882L

Soil: 1L = 5882L

Run to waste: 1L = 3030L