Vertical Aquaculture Systems: How They Work And Why Use Them

Vertical aquaponic gardens are especially useful for those who want to design their own gardens but are unable to because of a lack of necessary space. Aquaponic plants can be adapted to grow in containers that are taller than normal, but these containers are necessary to support them.

How To Successfully Grow An Indoor Garden: Cloning With Hydroponics


With hydroponics, gardeners can not only bring their work indoors but can also plant up to four times as many crops in the same amount of space as they could with traditional soil farming. Despite this impressive number, growing plants can still be difficult if the plants that are produced are challenging to grow from the seed alone.

All About Clonex – Promoted


Are you new to indoor growing and feeling a bit overwhelmed, or are you a seasoned pro trying to add a few more grains of insight to your ever growing knowledge? In either case (or anywhere in between) John from Hydro Empire is back this week with a brief overview of HydroDynamics’ Clonex line.