MAMMOTH P – Basic Dosage


Have you heard of MAMMOTH P!? If you haven’t, don’t miss out – this highly concentrated formula by Growcentia is hitting the hydro and soil scene by storm. People in the know are using it and the verdict is in…MAMMOTH P kicks ass! MAMMOTH P is the first organically derived microbial inoculant that maximizes phosphorus and micronutrient cycling to maximize bud growth, increase yield, and enhance plant health.

For those of you who haven’t tried it yet due to lack of product knowledge, fear not! We’re here to talk about just how easy it is use, and in what scenarios you want to use it in. We’ve broken it down for you based on your growing medium of choice: soil or hydro.

For Soil or Hydro

Shake MAMMOTH P well and fill the small reservoir with solution.

Measure out the appropriate amount of MAMMOTH P based on suggested application rates.

Add MAMMOTH P to your water reservoir and mix.

Water plants regularly with solution.

Step 1 – Shake the bottle well. You gotta shake things up a bit! After all, this is made from natural ingredients and you gotta make sure that you have an even amount of these beneficial microbes mixed well. PRO TIP: Being that it is an active microbial product, it is completely normal to see sediment floating in your bottle of MAMMOTH P. It is also completely normal for the color of the product to vary from batch to batch – the bottle in your hand may be lighter or darker than the one you previously used!

Step 2 – Measure out the appropriate amount of MAMMOTH P and add it to your reservoir or water source.

Here are the rates:

5Aggressive Growth10.6
6Aggressive Growth10.6


10Aggressive Bloom0.60.6
11Aggressive Bloom10.6
12Aggressive Bloom10.6
13Aggressive Bloom10.6


For application, you’ll want to water your plants regularly with your MAMMOTH P around one to two times per week. Here’s the best part: you can use MAMMOTH P from clone all the way through to finish and watch your plants flourish!

STORAGE TIP: Since MAMMOTH P has living microorganisms you want to store your bottle away from direct sunlight and make sure that it’s not placed in any location where extreme temperatures are found like on your porch or your father’s storage freezer. All joking aside, keep your MAMMOTH P safe from harm – after all, that juice is precious!  If you take care of your MAMMOTH P and store it properly, it will pay you back in dividends. In fact, you can store it for one year after you opened it or two years if unopened – but who’s NOT going to open it? Let’s be real – this stuff will be too good to keep stored, and you’ll definitely be using it time and time again for your grow.