Whats the difference between Light and Dark Mammoth P Bottles?


What Is The Difference Between Mammoth P

Mammoth P Light vs Dark Liquid

Mammoth P! This liquid gold microbial inoculant has been flying off our shelves for some time now but has raised some discussion lately that we would like to address. Specifically, we’re being asked what the difference is between the “light colored” version of Mammoth P some are getting, and the “dark colored” version of it that others receive. We reached out directly to Growcentia, Mammoth P’s maker, to ensure that the product was being consistently produced and below is what we were told. SPOILER ALERT: It’s good news!

MAMMOTH P may darken over time, and different colorization is completely normal. This is due to naturally-occurring redox reactions in the alfalfa extract that we use in our formula. Redox reactions are completely natural occurrences in all living materials. In general, redox reactions occur when oxygen mixes in with the formula, which causes a darker color. We have rigorously tested color variation and effectiveness of the microbes in MAMMOTH P and we’ve found that the product is equally as effective, no matter what the color.

Colin Bell PhD

So, there you have it – straight from the mad scientists themselves: Mammoth P can darken over time but has no effect on its effectiveness! That’s great news – for your plants *and* your wallet. We hope this helps when you get a bottle that may have a darker or lighter version of the product than you’re used to – we’re happy to report that it’s normal and in no way will it affect the results of this stellar product in your grow.

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