How Enzymes Work – The Proof is in the Tissue Test


Ever wonder why or how enzymes help give you bigger, stronger and faster plant growth? We’ve got exciting information to share with you. Watch this quick informative video, Hydro Empire’s resident indoor gardening expert John briefly explains how horticultural enzymes work and why they are important to your indoor grow. Produced naturally by different fungi and bacteria, cellulase is a beneficial enzyme that breaks down cellulose (present in dead root matter) and provides a cleaner root zone.

Product Seen: Sipco Hygrozyme Enzymatic Cleaner

Here is the video transcript:
Hey, guys, John here from, and today we’re gonna talk about how enzymes work. In this video, you’re gonna see a comparison of two products and how they break down tissue. There are plenty of enzyme formulas out there, some legit and others not so much. The easiest way to check if an enzyme product is legit and actually has enzymes you need is to do the tissue test liquid and some come in gels.

Pour some product into a jar and add a sheet of tissue paper. If the tested tissue paper disintegrates after 24 hours, then it contains at least one of the many enzymes that benefit your root zone, cellulase. Most tissues are made from cellulose, the same material as dead root matter. So, if the product is breaking down the tissue, you know it actually has cellulase to properly break down dead roots for your plants.

As you can see from our results, Hygrozyme broke down the tissue and the other product didn’t do it at all, so that means Hygrozyme has the enzymes to break down your dead root matter in your root zone. Remember, you can buy all of the sizes of Hygrozyme at


For additional information about Hygrozyme, you can check them out here.

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