Vertical Aquaculture Systems: How They Work And Why Use Them


Aquaponics are a type of agriculture and an advanced form of hydroponics. Considered to be more productive than organic farming, aquaponics can help plants to grow twice as fast with the right amount of nutrients, water, and oxygen. Additionally, aquaponics require less maintenance than traditional farming and can be used easily in homes or apartments where ground space is minimal.

Vertical aquaponic gardens are especially useful for those who want to design their own gardens but are unable to because of a lack of necessary space. Aquaponic plants can be adapted to grow in containers that are taller than normal, but these containers are necessary to support them.

How does vertical aquaculture work?
Using a fish tank in a standing position, vertical aquaponics doesn’t require soil in order to encourage plant growth. Rather, hydroponic garden equipment such as indoor garden lighting are the only things necessary to encourage the growth of these plants, which makes them exceptionally popular in urban areas.

By using fish in the aquaculture system, fertilizer is created for the plants via the fish waste. Supplement is blended into each tank of water via a pump. The pump pulls the supplement from one tank to the other.

Additionally, after putting in the initial hydroponic garden equipment such as supplements, you won’t have to add any more additional plant food in the system unless you make changes to the system itself.

The feeding system works in the following ways:

  1. Water is streamed down onto the plants
  2. The plant roots retain the water, which provides them with the necessary nutrients
  3. The water collects oxygen as it fall from one tank to the other, therefore oxygenating the water in the tanks as it falls

Why use fish?
The fish waste in the bottom tank of the aquaponic system provides nutrients for the plants to maintain plant health without hydroponics nutrients. This drains the waste from the fish’s tank while providing nutrients to the plants. Additionally, while the waste is drained from the fish tank, fresh water is added to keep the fish happy and healthy and your plants growing well.

The use of fish in a vertical aquaponic garden allows for the plants in your garden to grow throughout the year while the fish in the tank remain the same. In a traditional hydroponic system with standard hydroponic garden equipment, nutrients need to be added to the system’s water periodically. However, in aquaponics (an advanced form of hydroponics) the nutrients themselves come from the fish waste and therefore don’t need to be added.

Aquaponics and hydroponics are a great way to bring the wonder of gardening into your home even when you don’t have a lot of space available to you. For necessary hydroponic garden equipment to start your garden, visit Hydro Empire today.

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