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John from Hydro Empire walks us through the quick calibration process on an IGS-061.

There are six key points to the quick cal setup, starting with setting your PPM (parts per million). This determines the amount of CO2 allowed in the atmosphere of your grow room. John recommends setting the IGS-061 at 1500 ppm – anymore and your grow could become too dense with CO2 making it a hazardous work environment.

The next step is to set your altitude correction. Because altitude can affect the sensor, you would need to manually plug in our altitude above sea level divided by 1000.

Moving right along, John recommends setting the high temp shut off to 84 degrees fahrenheit to keep your CO2 burner within a safe temperature. This is easily achieved by pressing the selection knob twice to bring up the high temp shut off settings and selecting the setting you desire.

Setting your differential. This section is simple, John recommends keeping the settings the same as they are just out of the box. They are low 50 and high 500.

The next step is setting the operating mode. When you purchase an IGS-061 it comes in enrichment mode. This can be easily changed to extraction mode if necessary by toggling down the list of options and selecting operating mode, then turning the knob.

At this point John explains the do’s and don’ts of calibration. Don’t assume that your IGS system is calibrated out of the box. Although it likely is, knowing how could save you the anxiety and risk of working with an uncalibrated unit. It is recommended to run a recalibration away from humans or plants every six months just to be sure your IGS is running properly.

When you’re performing the quick calibration, keep in mind it calibrates with the last reference set during the last normal calibration.

To make sure the reference is always correct, manufacturers suggest that normal calibration is done instead of a quick calibration as it is more accurate.

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Here is the video transcript:
Hey guys, John here from and today we’re gonna talk to you about how to set up your iGS-061.

When opening your box you’ll find a few items inside. The first thing you’ll see is the instruction manual. Then you’ve got your controller, with a power cord attached. You’ll also see another AC adaptor. Make sure you don’t lose this, and make sure you use it otherwise it will not work.

First things first is you’re gonna plug your main power in and your AC adaptor. And the machine is gonna start up and there’s gonna be a countdown. Once the countdown is done, the machine is running in it’s normal operating mode and you’ll see that on the screen by the number flashing.

Once your 061 is running you wanna set you CO2 set point. You do that by pressing the knob once and turning the dial to your desired amount. I like to set mine at 15 hundred parts per million. To learn more about this, check out our Intro to CO2 in Your Garden video.

Next up is setting your altitude. When you’re at a different altitude your CO2 readings will be different. In order to reset you’re gonna hold down the button when you’re in your set point menu you’re gonna see A 0.0. Your altitude is gonna be divided by one thousand. So if you’re at a thousand feet in altitude you’re gonna be 1.0.

One of the best things about the iGS-061 is that is a high-temp shut off. In order to access this you’ll wanna go twice down on the menu and then hold it down to set your fahrenheit or celsius. Once you hold it down you see fahrenheit you can turn the knob between celsius and fahrenheit push the button again and then you can access the temperature. I like to be around 84 as a maximum temperature in my garden. But, you set it to whatever you wanna be.

The next step is to set your differential. I like the way it comes calibrated, in order to reach the differential menu you go down to the third light which is differential. You’re gonna hold that button down and you’re gonna see an L50, click it again you’ll see H500. That’s a low differential of 50, high differential of 500. You’re gonna adjust these by turning the knob.

The next thing down the list is setting the operating mode. The 061 can be used in extraction or enrichment. It comes outta the box set-up for enrichment but if you need to go to extraction, light up the operating mode and turn the knob to 02.

Your iGS-061 should come calibrated outta the box but if you wanna calibrate it yourself I suggest you do it every 6 months to a year. You go down to operating mode hold it down until you see CAL hold it down again until you see the solid CAL and then you’re gonna see CAL run and it’s gonna flash like that back and forth for a while. You wanna do this outside or into an office that there’s no people in, because we will emit CO2 ourselves and the plants will emit oxygen, so you wanna make sure there’s no one around when you’re doing this. Once the machine says CAL done your machine is ready to run. Tap the button one more time and it should go into your regular operating mode.

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