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In our latest video installment, John walks us through the basic products necessary for the cloning process and highlights what to expect when choosing a rooting hormone.

So, why use a rooting hormone? A rooting hormone aids plants in forming roots; you can think of it as a jump start to get them producing roots faster.

Rooting hormones come in various forms such as powder, liquid and gels. Rooting gels, for instance, are a perfect compliment to an automated cloning machine, such as a TurboKlone, because the gel doesn’t easily wash off.

One thing to remember when using a rooting hormone is to avoid contaminating the bottle. Never dip your plants directly into the bottle. Use a shot glass or small container, which is the preferred method for dipping. Also never pour the excess rooting hormone from your small container back into the bottle after use.

We offer various rooting compounds on our site but by far the best selling brand in the industry is Clonex rooting gel.

Product Seen: Hydrodynamics Clonex

Here is the video transcript:
Hey guys, John here from and today we’re going to talk about rooting hormones and why they’re so important to you. As you can see here, there are a ton of different varieties of rooting hormone. Some come in powder format, some come in liquid and some come in gels.

The great thing about gels is that they stick really well. Whenever using a cloning machine or whenever your dipping your clones into some kind of media the gel will stick around. The reason why we use a rooting hormone or a rooting compound is to actually help the plant produce roots.

It sounds crazy but you can actually take a cutting of a plant, put it in one of these gels or hormones and it will actually help produce the roots from that cutting. Everyone has a preferred brand but by far Clonex is the best seller. It’s great because it’s the gel and it sticks to your clone but it’s also very versatile cause you can actually use it in a cloning machine and it won’t get washed out.

They use IBA and there’s also other products that use NAA and there’s some products that actually use both. But you can choose whatever you like. I prefer Clonex which has .31 percent IBA in it.

As I mentioned earlier,there’s lots of different varieties of hormones. Some come in powder format. Some come in liquid and gel. But my favorite is the Clonex gel. The reason being is when you’re taking that cutting and you put it into a cloning machine like a turbo clone machine and the misters are spraying it, the gel will stick and stay around. Or when you’re putting the clone into a media, it won’t get rubbed off.

One thing to avoid when using any of these rooting compounds is to make sure you don’t contaminate them. Don’t take your cutting and put it into the bottle. You actually want to pour it out into a shot glass or some kind of small container and then dip into that. And also make sure that you don’t pour that used product back into the bottle.

For additional information about Clonex check out their site here.

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